Hampton Architect Interview


Why did you decide to become an Architect?

If you want to know the true story, I realised I wanted to be an Architect at a university open day where I met a bunch of architecture students ‘working’ on their models in the studio but it seemed like more of a social event than work, well I was sold!

But honestly, Architecture just spoke to me. I love drawing but always drawing things in the real world. I also wanted to see my drawings come to life and be something people could live in and experience. Architecture just fitted perfectly!  


How would you describe your style?

I would have to say my personal style would be classified as ‘Hamptons’. It’s a style that exudes what I like to call ‘liveable elegance’ as I don’t design showrooms but rather family homes. It brings together traditional building design with classic interiors so it will be forever timeless which is important when investing in a building project. It also strikes a balance between polished and not-quite-polished often with some rustic features and durable materials. This is why I try to include features such as painted timber framed windows, light solid timber floors and weatherboard cladding, these will last the distance. This style is very family friendly but also suitable for those who love to entertain, both in summer and in winter which makes it the perfect Bayside home!


What do you love about Hampton/Bayside?

Growing up in Bayside has fostered a true love of the beaches and the community atmosphere that Bayside offers. I also love that my family and work are all close by as this is very important to me. I also love the style of the homes in Bayside as many reflect my design style, however I also see many with great potential!


What's your advice to someone thinking of renovating or building?

  1. Seek as much advice early on as possible. For example, Councils give free advice on what you can and cannot do on your block of land. By asking these questions it does not red flag your project either- they understand that you are merely just enquiring!


Locals reach out to www.bayside.vic.gov.au or call 03 9599 4444 and ask for the planning department


  1. Set realistic budgets. Make sure when budgeting that you consider all costs, not just building costs. For example, consultation fees, permits and at least 10% contingency (because projects never really go to plan!).


What's your favourite part of the process?

I just love seeing the potential of a property both inside and out, and sometimes that does not mean knocking it down completely. Renovations have great potential to bring fresh life to old homes which is a large portion of the service I provide. But I can’t overlook the joy of my clients enjoying their brand new bespoke home either!  


What makes a happy home? 

I think a house needs to function and flow for it to truly feel like a home. If it can meet the requirements of the site, the client and their brief it is halfway there, all it needs is the right furnishings to complete it. This will create a beautiful feel and positive energy in the house.

Positive energy = a happy home!

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